Embracing Abundance:

Embracing Abundance:

"The Power of Cheerful Receiving"

“You have given from the heart, not reluctantly or under pressure, and God loves you, the joyful giver. His abundance has come to you, making you self-sufficient for every good work.

However, I remind you not to fall into the trap of the  reluctant receivers out there who believe that it is wrong to "take charity" or even  get paid a fair price for their services.  You are able to do much more by receiving willingly and cheerfully.

Just as God provides seed for sowing, He multiplies resources for you.   You are enriched and equipped in every way .  You are ready to spread kindness and love.  But these resources must be received.  Your generosity not only supplies needs but overflows in thanksgiving.

Just as we should not give reluctantly neither should we be a reluctant receiver. Be more than a cheerful giver. Be a cheerful receiver.  In order to give you will need to receive.

God has readily given us all things to enjoy and all things we need to help others.  It’s ok to receive and enjoy what God has given. Embrace the  receiving as well as the giving with gratitude.”

Have you been a reluctant receiver in the past?  Leave a comment below.