Defining Your Dream Life

Defining Your Dream Life
Photo by Oskar Kadaksoo / Unsplash

Embracing Prosperity On Your Terms

Prosperity in subjective, it is an individual preference.  Not everyone views prosperity in the same way.  Everyone's idea of prosperity may different and That's ok.  My prosperity is my choice. And I must ok with That choice.  No one can determine prosperity for me.

Not everyone wants the grand house on on the hill.  Some may want a small flat in the village.  My idea of prosperity may or may not  include a Rolls Royce Phantom.  

My idea of prosperity may be Starbucks every morning.  Or it may be my own special  brew prepared at home.  It may include living out of doors under the stars on the Sarengedi. It may be eating out everyday.

Whatever my idea of prosperity,  I must be prepared for the level of responsibility that comes with it.

I am not wired to live someone else’s definition of prosperity.  But I can embrace my definition of prosperity and run with it.

Prosperity or wealth is not a fixed amount of money in the bank.  We are prosperous or  wealthy when when we have whatever we need to do what needs to be done.

And one more thing, we  can change our perspective of wealth and prosperity at any time.

So,  continue to prosper and flourish in your own extraordinary way!